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Our natural cosmetics

So You Cosmetics offers a large range of artisan natural cosmetics 100% made in Geneva. You

will find products for ladies, gents and child 

such as cold process solid soaps, liquid soaps made the old fashioned way, skincare and hair-care products. You will also find wellness and SPA products, DIY ingredients, bathroom accessories, non toxic home fragrances and body perfumes, plant base candles, gift cards, private workshops and much more...

savons So You Cosmetics palme olive
Soap Collection
Fresh linen, Red berries, Caramel, Green tea, Vanilla Moon.



lotions corporelles So You Cosmetics soin de la peau
Get the best of nature
baume à lèvres So You Cosmetics Genève

Coconut oil and calendula

- Detoxify and freshen up your bathroom -


All our products are handmade,
packaged and labelled in our workshop
in Geneva. The majority of our raw ingredients used to make our  products, containers, labels, paper shopping bags are supplied by companies based in Switzerland and a few in Europe.
Joke apart, the water used in our solid and liquid soaps is Swiss water! The non-toxic and vegan friendly fragrances in our products are from the French capital of perfume, Grasse, in  Provence, France. And Last but not least
we will soon be launching solid soaps
using Swiss chocolates, honey and wine and some skincare products with local honey.


Our base raw ingredients are non GMO plant based with a huge percentage being organic. We care and source our Palm oil for some of our solid soaps and sham-poos to be certified (RSPO) no deforesta-

tion. Our perfumes are non toxic and  

finished products are biodegradable, eco-friendly, not tested on animals and many of them are vegan friendly (No beeswax nor honey). Most parts of our containers are recyclable while keeping a minimalist packaging whenever possible. Recycled new containers are used when 

available on the market even if they have a higher production cost.  We also offer to refill empty containers depending on (for your safety) the finished product to be refilled with.


Our aim is to make eco-friendly natural products for the well-being of our skin. We therefore ban the use of, to name a few, parabens as preservative, phthalates 

as plasticizer, softner or as fixing agent,

SLES sodium laureth sulfate or SLS sodi-

um lauryl sulfate as foaming agent in our solid and liquid soaps. We neither use products such as EDTA, silicones, peg, triclosan, formaldéhyde, mineral oils, animal fats, and colourants made of insect powder. All our  oils are extracted without solvents. Colorants are either mineral or food colorants.

- Sooth your skin with our
premium quality natural products -


So You Cosmetics savons


So You Cosmetics soin peau


So You Cosmetics bien-être


So You Cosmetics shampoings


So You Cosmetics ambiance


So You Cosmetics autres produits


For its awesome qualities in giving a hard soap with a creamy lather palm oil is used in some of our natural solid soaps. It is to be noted that the only use of palm oil in our products is for soap making. That being said and with our desire to fight against the ecological problems related to the production of this oil we only use palm oil which is duly certified Without Deforestation. This oil comes from producers/suppliers who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organisation that supports sustainable palm oil production. It is also our way to support small producers and to manifest our desire for sustainable palm oil.


Obviously, So You also propose a range of natural soaps without palm oil, nor fragrances, nor colorants  to satisfy the desire and sensibility of each and every client.


Always with the aim of contributing to ecology, we minimise, as much as possible, the packaging of our products and put a particular emphasis instead on the quality of the finished product.


Did you know? Cold process saponification including production of our cosmetics do not emit any gas, smoke nor toxic trash dangerous for the environment. Our containers and/or packagings are largely recyclable or reusable or biodegradable.  We also use recycled new containers when available on the packaging market even if the production cost is higher than usual, 

Catherine Mason
Fondatrice de So You Cosmetics


Soap Opera by So You Cosmetics

3 av. Pictet-de-Rochemont

1207 Genève

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